Totally Random

I’ve been using cocoa butter on my surgery scar. I don’t know if it does anything but I like the fragrance.

I like Pink; the singer not the color. Not my usually music preference but some of her songs are fun and even meaningful.

My commute sucks. Time to stop whining and do the rest of what I have to do to change my commute.

Remember that sunburn I got on my feet a few weeks ago? Now the skin is peeling. I haven’t experienced that in a long time. Ugly.

I’m going to a Tim McGraw concert next week. I saw him on one of his first tours back in 1995 and again a few years ago when he toured with his wife Faith Hill. This year he is on the road with two fairly new performers.

Except for the sunburn I really like the beach and I want to go back. Maybe my cousin in Virginia Beach will have another guest room opening before the end of summer. If I go, I’ll remember to use sunscreen on my feet.

Speaking of sun, there is an all-day outdoor blues festival not far from here in a few weeks. I want to go but haven’t purchased tickets yet. Only one friend is interested in coming but I bet she ultimately says no. There are four bands I want to see there but I know there is little or no shade at this venue so I’m still undecided if I want to spend 8 to 10 hours soaking rays and bathing in sunscreen.

What the hell is cous cous really? I like it but I don’t really know what it is.

My Nyquil/Dayquil cold-fighting ritual seems to be knocking out this crappy summer cold I’ve had for almost a week. Last night for the Nyquil tonight because I’ll be drinking at least one margarita tomorrow night. I don’t think those would mix very well.

Two of my best friends are about to start the fall school semester this month; one is a teacher, one is a student. I wish them both the best.

OK, that’s enough randomness for tonight. Thanks for visiting.


elizinashe said…
maybe you should start wearing pink. break out of your normal kakhi and olive habits. just sayin'....
Bernie said…
LOL. I wore pink and gray in the 80s but otherwise I've never liked pink on me. But I did buy some orange and rust colored clothes to break out. I have a little blue too. Red sometimes. Lime green during our hike. No pink.