Were Your Ears Burning?

This is one of the oddest phrases in American English vernacular: “were your ears burning?” It does not, of course, have anything to do with lobes on fire. The setting is usually when two people are talking about a third and the third enters the conversation; one of the other two says ‘were your ears burning’ meaning ‘did you know we were talking about you?’

Do you think maybe that third person DID know he or she was being talked about?

What I’m really curious about is this … can you feel when somebody in another location is talking about you or thinking about you?

I’m not much for praying but I do strongly believe in karma and good vibes. In a context where someone might say “my prayers are with you” I am more likely to say I’m sending good karma your way, or good vibes; maybe positive thoughts.

I often do that, by the way. There are a handful of close friends that I think about regularly and I often specifically send some kind of wish or vibe to them, mentally. Do you think they know when that is happening? If you are one of those friends, do you know it? Can you tell when I’m thinking about you? Can you feel my presence in some way, encouraging you or consoling you, almost like a spirit or ghost tapping you on the shoulder or giving you a hug?

Do you believe in that stuff? I do. Were your ears burning when you read this post? Did you call 9-1-1 or did you call me?