Choices and BS

So my choice last night was to either watch the GOP debate or floss my teeth. I chose floss. At this point in the campaign circus it’s all posturing, a big phony ploy to show who hates Obama the most. It’s all bullshit. To be fair, I said the same thing about both sides four years ago.

The Republicans think the issue right now is to see who can beat Obama next year. The real issue, in my opinion, is to see who can fix the mess Bush left us four years ago. The choice will come down to either giving Obama four more years to fix it or giving a Republican the chance to try and fix the mess Bush left us. This implies that the President, any President, can actually fix this mess, which also implies that it is previous President Bush’s fault that we’re in the economic mess we’re in. True, a President can lead but it is never one person’s fault.

I blame Bush partly because he is largely responsible for the outrageously expensive wars we started during his administration. One of those wars was justified, if any war can ever really be justified, but the other one wasn’t.

What seems to be lost in all this so far is that the whole world is in some form of economic recession. The economies that are surviving are the ones that invest in their people and in knowledge. China and Japan come to mind as potential examples of that statement. OUR country used to be the leaders in science, technology, education, infrastructure and manufacturing. It would be difficult to make that case right now. I hope that condition is temporary.

We all have many important choices to make at the polls next year, in the primaries early in 2012 and at the general election in November. We have the right and I believe the obligation to pay attention to the real issues, not the personalities and political bullshit, and make our choices accordingly. We don’t have to agree and you know we as a country will not agree on the details. But hopefully we do agree that we can express our opinion and accept what the majority votes on. The crap we’re seeing right now is not what we should base our choice on.