Boomer Randomness

This blog and this post are both called Boomer Randomness. My point is to share random thoughts from the perspective of someone in the baby boom age range. Some of the thoughts are about being this age, some are merely observations. All of it is pretty random, which may be the least random aspect of this blog.

- Demographers usually define boomers as those born post World War II, in the years between 1946 and 1964. That means we are currently in the 47 to 65 year-old range.

- You know you’re probably a boomer if you’re the only person in line at the pharmacy who pays in cash. In our youth we never thought a small plastic card would serve the same role as coins and bills.

- Some older boomers, especially men, dreamed of having a juke box in their den one day. They’d be able to play dozens of songs in a row from a selection of 100 (50 “records” with a song on each side). Now we have a juke box in our pocket, often in our pocket-sized phone, with playlists generated from a selection of more than a thousand songs.

- Some boomers hate ear buds. I’m one of them.

- We may briefly celebrate at the gas pump when we see the price down to $3.34/gallon this week. Then we either laugh or cry upon remembering that it was less than $1.00/gallon when we first started driving.

- The youngest boomers were 16 years old when MTV began. They were awestruck by the sight of their favorite bands performing songs or acting out story lines based on the song lyrics. They always knew at least one person in their circle of friends who “had cable” and they could go to that friend’s house to watch the videos. Now the videos are available on the same iPod or cell phone that all their other music is on.

- Older boomers never knew a time when women held a significant number of management positions in business. Older boomers’ children hopefully never knew a time when that wasn’t the case.

- My damn ear bud fell out again. My right ear just doesn’t like these things. And the wires are in the way. My new Bluetooth wireless headset is still charging. C’mon, hurry up, will ya?

- I am a photography enthusiast who prefers my digital Nikon SLR to smaller, easier-to-use digital cameras. But I took the pictures that accompanies this post on my new iPod Touch and used that same device to email it to myself.

- Older boomers might not realize film is hard to find.

That’s enough boomer randomness for today. Looking back every now and then is a good exercise in perspective, but in case you think I’m getting old or feeling old, remember that my favorite mantra is “the past is a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.”