Drunk Dialing an Old Flame

Did you ever pick up your phone at 1 in the morning, drunk, and call a former lover? You were alone, thinking about her or him and alcohol loosened inhibitions. That old flame might be asleep; or maybe awake but with somebody else. For that one moment, you didn’t care. You dialed the number and said something like, “I need you. Now.”

I don’t think I’ve ever done that but when I first heard Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” the thought instantly resonated with me. I must have considered it at some point in my life. I know that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about somebody from my past. It’s not always the same somebody (my apologies to any old flame who might read this). Often I awake in the middle of a dream about a past girlfriend, but usually the characters in my dreams are a hybrid of more than one person.

The brain is such an odd computing device, isn’t it? Especially while asleep. Random thoughts from your lifetime pop up when you least expect them. You might forget where you put your keys but you vividly remember a first kiss from twenty years ago. You can’t find your car in the mall parking lot but you remember a conversation you had with Mom at age 10.

You might be alone in the middle of the night, lips sipping a fourth glass of merlot, wishing you were sharing that moment with someone who might have stopped you after the second glass with a suggestion for something else your lips could be doing.

As further evidence of how random the brain can be, this post was inspired by a TV feature story this morning, narrated by that old Sunday morning news anchor guy whose name I can’t remember who wears a bowtie. I hope I never wake up at 1 in the morning thinking about him!


By the way, here is that song, just in case you never heard it when two-thirds of the radio stations in America were playing it every other hour earlier this year. I’m tired of it but I still think it’s a good song.