Phone Randomness

I work around technology all day, mostly audio editing software and digital cameras. I am comfortable with tech stuff but I am not an early adopter. I prefer to let other people work out the bugs. I also want to see if the devices or formats will still be around in a few years … remember beta video recorders? 8 track tapes? One day we’ll add Blackberry to that list. But over the weekend I upgraded my cell phone from this 3-year-old flip phone ….

… to this iPhone 4:

Random thoughts:

- It’s not the brand new iPhone 4s, it’s “merely” the iPhone 4 that’s been on the market since February.

- When I first decided to get a smart phone, which was almost a year ago, I thought I’d get a Blackberry because they were dirt cheap with a 2-year renewal. My procrastination led to choosing a Droid (four months ago). After spending a week with a fancy new iPod, a gift from my employer, I decided to get the iPhone.

- The iPhone is basically an iPod that makes calls too.

- I can put the 1300 songs that are on the iPod onto this phone, take pictures and videos, surf the web, text … I’m not sure I”ll have time to actually make calls on it.

- No, this is not a commercial for my new phone. I’m just sharing my surprise at how much I like the device so far.

- At least 15 of my co-workers already have iPhones and they will laugh at me and congratulate me at the sme time for finally leaping into the 21st Century.

- This is the first cell phone I’ve paid for since 1996. All the others were free with a 2-year renewal. And this one was significantly discounted because the new version just came out and because my company has an even greater discount.

You should not feel guilty or in any way inferior if you do not have one of these. Even the most basic contemporary cell phone does what it is supposed to: make calls, keep you in touch with people and help in an emergency. The rest of this can be helpful but it is almost overkill.