Totally Random 7.0

One of my dogs farts … big, silent, stinky ones. Then he looks around the room with the “it’s not me” look in his eyes.

I never get sick, but I’m in the middle of my second cold in three months. Should have bought stock in Nyquil.

The Dick Van Dyke show is 50 years old. Some boomers might cringe at that thought.

I have a week-long vacation coming soon. Should be a relaxing time, although it’ll be busy at both ends. Two concerts the weekend it starts, dentist appointment and some other errands in the middle, a long catch-up dinner with a friend near the end and a semi-business weekend trip to Los Angeles at the end with a return flight at midnight on the last day. I used to be so good at planning. What happened?

I want a new ride but I haven’t finished paying for my current one. In my twenties I changed cars every 18 to 24 months. In my forties the pattern changed to every five or six years. I’m just over three years into this one and I’m getting restless. No chance for another one any time soon but I’m ready now.

My favorite NASCAR driver is Jimmie Johnson, who holds the record for consecutive years as points champ. When he won it for the 5th time last year everybody assumed that would be it for the streak. Right now, closing in on the end of the season, he is in 5th place, but only thirteen points from the top out of more than 2,000 total points. He could actually do it again.

My home office looks like a paper bomb explosion. I spent four hours organizing it yesterday and barely scratched the surface. I can actually see my desk now. Gotta start somewhere, right? More organizing as soon as I post this.