Black Friday Randomness

Macy’s opened at midnight last night/this morning. I was asked to be the driver on a little ride to the nearest one, a request which I initially turned down. After looking on their web site, however, I decided to go, partly because there were some sale items I wanted, partly because the crowds would probably be less than the middle of today and partly out of curiosity.

My observations:

The crowds were less than they probably are as I’m writing this at noon, but by 1:00 a.m. the store was definitely crowded.

The stuff on sale looked better online than in the store, so I only bought two things: flannel sleep pants that I’ll probably use a lot and a Jerry Garcia tie that I might only wear a couple of times a year (but it was half price).

For the first half of my sixty minutes in the store I was sure we were the only shoppers over the age of twenty. It was apparently teen date night.

Five other stores in that mall were also open, including Radio Shack and Victoria’s Secret – which both appeal to me for obvious different reasons.

The story teller in me is glad I did this. The pragmatist says ‘check that off the bucket list and don’t do it again’.

I have been in four malls during the past three days and have yet to buy a gift.

Now we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a new one this year called Small Business Saturday. I plan to support the new one tomorrow by shopping at a quirky store near where I currently live. I might even buy a gift there – they have products you don’t usually see at a typical mall.

So there you have it. I do not plan to leave my house today. No travel traffic, no mall traffic. I will clean my house, open a bottle of wine and drink some of it while I watch LSU beat Arkansas on television. Happy Holidays. Thanks for visiting.