Saturday Morning TV Randomness

Watching cartoons and old cowboy movies on television was a Saturday morning childhood ritual for me. There were only three or four channels at the time, so there weren’t many choices. This morning I made a partial list of viewing options on the hundred or more channels I currently have.

- Grease 2 (Michelle Pfeiffer – yummy)

- A History Channel show about salvaging a giant B25 World War II bomber sunk in 300 feet of water in a South Carolina lake.

- Countless news channels, two of which seem more like infomercials for left and right wing political interests.

- A Law & Order episode from 2008.

- College football previews and an interview with the LSU coach talking about his 10 – 0 record so far this season … and how they will beat the crap out of Arkansas next week. (OK, I made up that last part – I have a friendly bet riding on the game).

- Deer hunting tips

- A 30-minute program about a vacuum cleaner

- Celebrity hair-styling tips.

- Paula Dean making Thanksgiving cupcakes

- A John Wayne movie.

So which show did I stop on? I considered the John Wayne movie, for nostalgia reasons, and the Grease 2 channel, for Michelle Pfeiffer reasons, but I landed on the History Channel. Wow, they successfully removed the B25 from the lake, where it had rested for more than 60 years. Yes, I wear my geekiness with great pride. But I’ll be covering my Saturday morning hair with a baseball cap before leaving the house to run errands. I don’t want to go out looking like a brown-haired Smurf.  Maybe I should have stopped on the hair styling tips channel.