Who Has Time to Read

A friend had a great idea a couple of years ago – a travelling book. She sent me a book with instructions to write my name, town and the date inside, and then send it along to someone else who might want to read it. Her plan was to try and keep track of it to see where it travelled, hoping it would eventually find its way back to her. It travelled from her in North Carolina to me in Maryland to two friends of mine in Wisconsin, back to me in Maryland, back to her in North Carolina. I inquired about its whereabouts yesterday and she told me it was travelling around … in the back of her car, mostly because she hasn’t had much time to even send it along to another destination. Meanwhile I sent her a book with the same instructions. That went to a co-worker of hers who is now a former co-worker and she doesn’t know its whereabouts.

The point is this: Who has time to read anymore?

She and I are avid readers but neither of us have time to read these days. I love to read and almost always have a book in progress, but at two or three pages a night, it takes way too long to truly capture the sense and flow of plot lines in fiction and connective facts in books about biographies, history or urban planning, three of my favorite topics (nerdy, I know).

So far in 2011 I have completed two books. That’s it. One was a pretty good mystery, Tell No Lies by Julie Compton, a relatively new author I met by way of this blog and hers. We found each other because we are both Dave Matthews fans and wrote some things about him two summers ago. The other book I finished was Rogue Angel, not my usual read but it was somewhat mystical, sci-fi-ish. I used to read lots of sci-fi novels, mostly Asimov and Bradbury.

Currently on my nightstand, being read two pages at a time is Every Day in Tuscany by Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun. It was one of five or six books I bought during the Border’s Books going-out-of-business sale. Others waiting in the wings include Christopher Moore’s Fool, another Mayes book, a reference book about Native Americans and a goofy book about designing a man cave. Other books gathering dust on my shelves include two from Dan Brown (author of DaVinci Code, which I did read a few years ago), some more books about Italy and another about time management. I should read that last one first, shouldn’t I?

I think I’ll be done with all of these by 2013. However, I am mildly addicted to book stores so I believe I will soon have many more books on the shelf waiting for my eyes.

What about you? Do you like to read? Do you have time or make time to read? What are you reading? While I’m thinking about it, thanks for reading this blog.


Linda V. said…
I am a rabid reader, have finished about 50-60 books this year. Am currently reading about the Polish Uprising of 1944, a couple Jeanne Dams mysteries, and a book on tax liens and deeds. Oh yeah, H just reminded me; one on emergency preparedness, and one on designing a home to be energy efficient passively. Now that's pretty broad and eclectic! Not to mention, a blog or two.... :)