Bucket List 3.0

The ‘bucket list’ concept has appealed to me ever since I first heard the term used more than ten years ago. I have been a list-maker as long as I can remember and it seems natural to list things I want to do before I “kick the bucket.” It is a logical form of goal-setting. Making lists for my career has helped me hit many goals, such as working in several big cities, hosting a radio show heard in multiple time zones, hitting certain income levels; list-making for personal goals, no matter how out of reach they might seem, makes perfect sense to me and is a great first step toward hitting the mark.

I have started bucket lists a couple of times in the past few years but was inspired to share this list this week by a recent blog post from my friend Eliz in Asheville. Here are some of the items I am willing to admit out loud.

- Hike the Bright Angel Trail into the Grand Canyon

- Visit the Tuscany region of Italy

- Learn to speak Italian

- Learn to play an instrument well enough to play in public (saxophone, piano or guitar)

- Have a conversation with a U. S. President

- Go cross-country skiing

- Spend a New Year’s Eve in Time Square

- Climb a rock wall

- Write and publish a book

- Write a song that gets recorded by a singer somebody has heard of

- Finish college

- Go on a Blues Cruise

- Narrate a Discovery Channel special.

- Take a week-long landscape photography course taught by John Shaw or David Muench

- Celebrate my 100th birthday

There are other items on my bucket list but they are too weird or personal to share here. So what is on your bucket list? Please share in Comments.