Naughty or Nice

So what is more fun, naughty or nice?

Most people think I am a nice guy. My own take on me is that I am a nice guy with a naughty streak. That’s funny to me because most people in my current circle of friends and acquaintances can’t picture the naughty side unless they’ve actually been around me during those moments. Those from my past who know what I’m talking about aren’t telling. Hmm, I wonder if Santa knows.

The up side to nice is that it is reliable, dependable and desirable over the long run. Honesty and trust are good qualities. And they’re boring, which is the down side. Naughty is a lot more fun. Or is it? Being nice has cost me jobs and girlfriends. My naughty side has led to the occasional slap in the face or embarrassing conversations. My naughty streaks were often fun, sometimes odd and definitely memorable. I can’t really talk about most of it. Sorry.

Naughty might be more fun but if given the choice, I’ll pick nice every time. Well, almost every time.

The correlation between naughty and nice and presents from Santa seems pretty fuzzy. I have received good and bad presents during both naughty and nice phases. No connection. No cause and effect. Doesn’t matter anyway. While I am grateful for gifts, the only thing I really want from anybody this year is a little of their time. For many of my closest friends and family members, time is more expensive than any gift card or shirt and a lot more precious to me. And it looks like I’ll get what I’m asking for. See, nice can be kinda nice.