Assorted Thoughts

Normally I would use the word ‘randomness’ in the title of this post but a friend suggested that I stop using that word. I’ll take her up on the challenge, for now.

- I continue to be in awe of medical science, specifically with respect to eye issues. The sharpness and clarity of what I see through the eye I had surgery on is amazing. The word ‘focus’ in this picture is on a bulletin board above my desk at work and it is now actually in focus … through that eye … not through the other one.

- It’s kind of cool that my keyword for the year is ‘focus’ and the first major thing I did this year is have eye surgery.

- The New Orleans Saints are in the playoffs. Maybe they’ll be in the Super Bowl again. Geaux Saints!

- Only forty days till NASCAR season begins. This is the year I will finally get to a race … I hope. A new work friend has some very interesting access and he knows I’d like to join him on some of those adventures. Maybe I can be his photographer.

- This winter has been warmer than normal so far, but snow is in the forecast. I really do not want snow this year. Can’t it just wait? Next year would be great. Not this year.

- OMG, today is Friday the 13th!  Anything happen to you?

When I sat down to write this post I had a lot more to say, but now I can’t remember any of it. So I guess that’s it for this post.