Post-op Randomness

- Eye drops
- The whole surgery process was surreal and remarkably easy. Vision won't be great for several days or even weeks but there are moments where focus is clearer than it was with glasses. I'm very optimistic. 
- I'm also bored but that's ok. Taking it easy at home today and tomorrow. Might be back at work as early as Wednesday. Wow. 
- I should buy stock in eye drops companies. 
- News, soaps or Law & Order reruns?  Choices choices.  
- Couldn't have food or drink after midnight so the first thing I did when I got home was make coffee and lunch. Yum. 
- Someone I know who had this surgery said colors get vivid, especially blue and white. She was right. Hard to believe
- I was worried early on in this process because this eye place misspelled my name three times. But other than that everything was great. Good staff, nurses and doctors and everybody explained each step before, during and after. 

All for now   More later.