Pre-op Randomness

- My eye surgery is tomorrow and I'm chilling at home getting ready. 
- I can't have alcohol today. No wine. Ugh. 
- Eye drops, eye drops, eye drops. I was warned. 
- I am surprisingly calm, despite my obsessive personality, my lack of experience with medical procedures because I never get sick and the fact that I hate anything in my eyes so much that I've never worn contacts. 
- Eye drops. 
- On a somewhat related  note, the first  week of my diet has been mostly successful. I only hit the vending machine once and I have been reading food labels looking for fat and sodium information. 
- Oatmeal has sodium. Geez. 
- Saints won last night, which put me in a good mood. Good moods are good for good health. 
- Eye. 
- Drops. 
- There are risks involved with cataract surgery but they are small. Everyone I know who knows anyone who has had this claims success. You know I am an optimist. I'll be fine. 
- Wish me luck anyway. Positive vibes help.