Some Stuff

- Yesterday a co- worker said to me, "Aren't you too young for cataracts?" I said "Yes."
- I was in a meeting today with eight co- workers and I am pretty sure four of them have ADD. Is it contagious?  We have an agenda for the meeting and try to follow it oh look there's an ambulance what time does it start my ears get cold. 
- Is standing in front of a snack machine when you're on a diet anything like standing in front of a bar when you're an alcoholic?  Face the demon but don't succumb to the temptation. 
- Speaking of addictions, I heard recently that there might actually be something called iPhone addiction. I would believe that.  From personal experience. 
- I've lost the first few pounds of the twenty but it's taking more time than I had hoped. 
- This is the second post of assorted observations in which I didn't use the 'R' word (as in the name of this blog).  Sometimes I embrace a challenge.