Channel Surfing

Much as I liked Whitney Houston I got tired of watching news channel talking heads talk about her Sunday so I surfed on ...

History Channel - watched an hour program about the Berlin Wall (a surprising architectural and engineering project).

More History - an hour about sugar. Really. Did you know wars were fought over it, including in part the American Revolution.

Another History - an hour about chocolate. Did you know it is an aphrodisiac? How did I miss that?

Surfing on. ... Bourne Supremacy, again. Saw part of it Saturday. Incredible car chase scene.

A program about generational topics, featuring a family of wing-walkers. I can't watch. Click.

A promo for a public TV program about drivers over 50. Hey! Drivers over 70, sure, but 50? Stop! I do dread eventually losing my ability to drive. My Dad's last day behind the wheel was in his upper 70s in the middle of his Parkinson's days. He sobbed.

Surfing on ... QVC: a 60" TV. Right! Next time I have an extra $1899.

Several Sunday morning talk shows, each with a Republican candidate. Question: did Santorum get his teeth whitened in the past 2 weeks? Another one: how does Romney get his hair to do looked symmetrically messed up? Is Ron Paul's tan real or man-made? Does millionaire Newt intentionally buy his suits at Wal-mart, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Next channel ... "Crack the case. Another Law & Order is next."

Onward ... Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertinelli talking about, well who cares what they're saying? I'll stop on that channel for awhile and watch.