A DMB Thing

Funny the way it is … you have a song in your head and it conjures up some meanings right before you go to bed … imagery, memories, a thought here, an observation there.

I am more or less a Dave Matthews fan. I especially like the band’s musicianship. First time I saw them in concert I was blown away by the fact that no matter how far their improvisation strayed it always resolved back into the song. Few bands can really do that. Second time I saw them was with the friend who first exposed me to their intricacies, which shed a different light on the experience. But the most remarkable part of that show was how they saved the most difficult song for the end.

Funny the way his songs run the range from fun to serious to complex to simple to sexy to incomprehensible. Every time I play his Groo Grux King CD, two songs stand out. One is partly quoted on the left column of this blog. Here is the other, which I heard tonight as I played the CD. It is a very thoughtful song; although I must admit that as interesting as this video is, it seems to have little to do with the powerful message of the song’s lyrics. I assume a true DMB fan would understand a connection in what I see as a disconnect. But I love the song. Here it is. Enjoy.