Gettin Random Wit It

Today has been an odd but interesting day. Here are a few random observations:

- The medical situation I’ve been writing about still isn’t diagnosed but I start treatments for some of the symptoms on Monday. I have been in varying amounts of pain for five weeks. Friday was one of the worst days of this ordeal but today was one of the best. I’ve had very little pain and my balance is better than it’s been in weeks. Only two things are different between Friday and today: 1) I slept for 9 ½ hours last night and 2) I did NOT take any Tylenol today.

- I’ve been drinking margaritas off and on for twenty five years but tonight was the first time I made one for myself. Yummy. Then I made a second one.

- I had shrimp gumbo for dinner, along with both margaritas, while watching Italian opera on PBS. And you thought I was predictable.

- I love my Honda car but I really want an SUV again. My car is almost paid for, which means I’m on the verge of having no car payments. But I really want an SUV again. What to do, what to do. Actually, I should just continue with the fantasy because I have other things to do with money right now. But I want my SUV.

- I downloaded some music a few nights ago. By artists I’ve never heard of. I dug around on one of the websites I buy music from and listened to a few examples and took a chance on some music discoveries in two or three different genres. A worthwhile five dollar investment. As soon as I post this I wll find a few more new sounds – new to me anyway.

- It has been raining here all day and more is predicted for tomorrow. That could be depressing but I actually find it very relaxing this weekend.

OK, that’s about it for now. I have a little more web surfing to do then I’ll try to get another 9 hours of sleep. Good night.