It Suits Me

Clothes makes the man. Ever heard that one?

There is no dress code where I work. Most days I wear khaki pants and a sport shirt or jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt. I look like an Eddie Bauer or Dockers ad. But a few times a year I wear a suit. I should do it more, if only for the reaction I get from female co-workers.

I received compliments from at least six different female co-workers and two non-work female colleagues. Wow! Yesterday I wore jeans and a purple long-sleeve t-shirt. No comments. Tuesday’s wardrobe selection was brown pants and a brown and orange shirt. No comments.

I’ve had jobs where I wore a suit or at least a tie nearly every day. I don’t mind that at all, but it really isn’t necessary at this job. I spend most of my day in a dimly-lit office in front of a computer writing scripts and editing audio. Today I had a quarterly meeting with area community leaders and I usually dress up a little for that one. I also recorded interviews with two of the meeting participants. Hmm, I was the best-dressed person in the meeting.

Did I mention that I own exactly one suit? When I had a suit job I owned several suits but that isn’t necessary for this job. My suit is basic black. Today I wore a white shirt (I only own one of those too) and a new Jerry Garcia tie. I wear a suit about seven or eight times a year but I own more than ten ties. Don’t ask. I love Garcia ties because they are stylish at the same time as irreverent. Jerry never wore a tie but his art has graced dozens of ties.

The bottom line, however, is that I occasionally love attention, especially from females. I guess whenever I’m in that mood, I just have to wear a suit.