Medical Observations

I have a medical issue that has required several tests during the past week. I’ll skip the details for now; family and friends who need to know already do. But I do have a few observations about doctors, doctor office staffs and medical centers.

- The doctors involved have performed exactly as I want them to. They have good investigative skills and compassion. They have reached out to me when needed and if things haven’t moved along fast enough with other providers, they stepped in and made things happen.

- My main doc is part of a practice affiliated with a well-respected hospital. He is good but the staff is hit or miss. Getting through the automated phone answering system is a total pain in the ass.

- The reality of our diverse society is that there will often be language barriers and, sadly, those are much more apparent when trying to schedule appointments. English is not the first language of the two main doctors involved in my situation so far but that has NOT been a problem with them, only with some of the staff.

- I am probably radioactive. OK, just kidding, although I have had MRIs and CT scans and I do read all the warnings before signing the release forms. So far, the release forms have been scarier than the injections.

- No matter what all these tests reveal, I am probably going to experience some inconvenience soon. I realized this week that my backup plans for work activities need significant improvement. I have a specific way of doing things on my job and I have not trained people lately.

- I also realize that most of my closest friends do not know each other. Three are regular readers of this blog. I might be connecting y’all soon, digitally because you live in three different states and not the one I live in.

- Scroll down and listen to the Kenny Chesney song I posted recently.

OK, lunch break is done. Time for more work then another doctor visit.