Creepy Facebook Stuff

Two Facebook friends died in the past couple of weeks. Both were former co-workers who I didn’t really know all that well and hadn’t seen in a year or more. But it’s just creepy that they both died at a young age, both in the same few weeks and both are still on my FB friends list.

Both of them were in media, one in news for most of his career and the in news for part of hers. News legend Mike Wallace died this week too. Creepy. And no, Wallace was not one of my FB friends.

Do you ever look at the ‘people you may know’ part? Do you know any of them? Do you try to ‘friend’ them? When did ‘friend’ become a verb?

I looked at a few hundred of the people I may know a little while ago and I do not know most of them. But I saw a few from the past that I actually want to connect with again. And some I never want to connect with. And some fairly famous people in my line of work who would probably find it creepy that I want to be their ‘friend.’ And a couple of top management executives in my company, who I probably should NOT connect with. And several people who I used to network with back when I went to industry conventions a lot but who would not remember me. It’s all so creepy.

Saw this on FB: “Facebook: Because Time Isn’t Going To Kill Itself.”

Yes, FB is quite the time suck. How often do you visit it in a week? In a day? During a typical day, including my work computer, home computer and iPhone, I probably drop by Facebook a few dozen times a day. Yes, that is creepy.

I used to take the surveys on Facebook, as well as visit various other places where I could send things like quotes or virtual drinks or other goofy items to people. Each of those involves allowing some kind of access to your friends list. I don’t usually do that any more, even though I really did like the surveys and got to know people a little better by reading their answers. Again, creepy.

One thing that is not creepy is that I have been able to keep in touch with people I really do like in a manner that is much easier through that site than via other means of communication. That part alone makes it worth ti to me to stay on FB … unless it gets really creepy.