Med Update

If you visit here regularly, you might remember I had a mysterious medical issue going, starting in Mid-January. It got worse for awhile. Being the obsessive person that I am, I read up on every possible condition, those suggested by doctors, others suggested by concerned friends, others found by typing in symptoms on a web site. I had some symptoms for a lot of things but very few of the total list of symptoms for anything.

The neurologist got me treatments for the main symptoms, mostly muscular in nature, and I am now feeling much better. Most of the pain, numbness and loss of strength has gone. Some symptoms linger but I am slowly returning to normal.

What was it? They don’t know. Doctors ruled out nearly everything it seemed along the way. Apparently this was a random flare up of some kind, with no obvious trigger.

I rarely get sick, other than routine colds and occasional flu, but when I do, I do it big. This is the third of fourth time in my entire life that I’ve experienced a significant medical situation, and the first I know of that didn’t involve some kind of injury-related event.

I did plenty of thinking during all of this. I considered how my life would change if this turned out to be a debilitating illness, something that would cripple me or end my life decades ahead of when I really believe it will end. In some ways, it is another wakeup call about getting on with my life. What’s that line in Shawshank Redemption … ‘get busy living or get busy dying.’ I’ll take living, thank you.

So did I learn anything from this? Did you? Will I actually accelerate my forward momentum or will I take my damn time, accepting procrastination as my norm? Stay tuned.