NYC Stuff

It's easy to forget what else is close to DC. It only takes 3 hours and 10 minutes to get to New York by train, with stops in Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia.

The meetings that brought me here this time involve tv & radio people. Some of the tv anchors look the part, well dressed, well groomed, authoritative.

New York is alive!  Loud, bright, fast, dirty, expensive, sparkly.  I probably  couldn't live here because I would get tired of some of that but it's fun to visit.

I walked twenty blocks from my hotel back to the train station. Crazy, I know, but my recent medical crap meant I haven't exercised much lately so this walk was good. Funny part is that I tried to walk fast like a local but slow-moving tourists kept getting in the way.

Wish I had booked an extra day around the business part of this visit. I might add a day to my next trip in a few weeks.