Some Stuff

I went to the gym today for the first time in two months and only the second time since my medical issues began. In terms of strength I am almost all the way back to where I was three years ago. Ugh.

Watched NASCAR this afternoon. I really hope to see a race at a track this year and not just on television. My best shot at that is next weekend but I have already passed on that great opportunity (which includes tickets and track credentials) because I just have too many things to do all week. Being sensible and pacing myself sucks sometimes.

Happy Earth Day.

Hmmm, watching auto racing on Earth Day. NASCAR racers get around 5 miles per gallon ... Maybe a little more this year because they've just gone to fuel injection instead of carburetors. Fuel management sometimes wins races, so logic tells me technological advances in auto racing can be good for the environment.

Now I'm watching the Washington Capitals hockey playoff game on tv. Wish I could be at the game. I'd have taken Metro instead of driving. It's Earth Day.