You Are A Blend of Cottage & Transitional

Have you ever seen surveys on a web site that are supposed to help you narrow your choices among a dizzying array of product choices?

I found one on a furniture store site recently and answered their questions, with a great deal of skepticism. Much to my surprise they nailed it.

You are casual and informal. You eschew anything that conveys "stuffy" and instead collect items full of charming character. While you have an interest in outdoor activities, your home is a haven.

Then it went on to some psychological analysis ....

You are self-assured, and balance passion and purpose. You are devoted to your family and friends, and enjoy entertaining at home.

They mostly got that right too. How? I am surprised by how far Marketing has advanced in the years since I studied it in college. Of course I assume some software algorithm in the survey leads to one of a set of stock analytical results and many people get the same write up I got. But it is still interesting how 'accurate' this one is.

My taste in furniture leans toward something I believe is called Mission Style. Is that the same as Cottage or Transitional? I don't know. Do I own any? Not yet but maybe later this year. And the red chair in the adjacent picture is in my family room.  What style is that?  My current mix is Traditional Swedish Southwest PierOne OfficeDepot Parental Leftover. Quite a blend, isn't it? What survey algorithm would lead to that result?