I don't know why I should ever have trouble finding topics to write about for this blog. I live a fairly odd but interesting life. Here are some eclectic examples of what was on my mind a little while ago as I waited for an early lunch at a sub shop that sells mostly Chinese food:

- The G8 Summit you've been hearing about in the news is in my neck of the woods. Camp David, the Presidential retreat, is in a fairly secluded location in my current county, with no obvious signage (for security reasons). But long-time locals know where it is and I'm sure the rest of will by the end of today. Likely evidence: traffic, black Suburbans with tinted windows, helicopters and thousands of protesters.

- My music taste is very eclectic. On my long ride home the other night I listened to Thelonius Monk and Johnny Cash; and thirty seconds of a Barry Manilow song.

- Injured my left thumb last night … while trying to remove the plastic packaging from a roll of paper towels. Not sure what's worse: the pain or the surprise that I could bend my thumb back opening paper towels.

- During the twenty eight years I have lived within 50 miles of Washington DC there have been seven Presidential inaugurations. An awesome aspect of American freedom is that citizens can attend this public display of the continuity of government. Yet I've only been to one and the closest I could get was a Jumbotron on the National Mall, several blocks from the Capitol. I need to work my media access more. The whole thing is thrilling, no matter who is getting sworn in.

- I met DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier yesterday.  I'm 5'11" tall; I think she is taller.

- There is a new study linking coffee consumption with longevity. The more coffee you drink, the longer you live. Hmmm, if that's true, I'll live forever.