A Few Random Thoughts

Sometimes I am good at keeping in touch with friends and sometimes I am not, but my best friend from high school is a master at it. The single most significant reason he and I are still in touch is that he has never given up, even though I have gone for years at a time without making contact. I’m certain he has not missed sending me cards for Christmas or my birthday for the past several decades. By the way, he just ‘discovered’ email a few years ago, so most of the previous contact has been through traditional postal mail and the occasional phone call.

I am entitled to plenty of vacation in my job but so far I have only taken one day off this year. So I put in a request for two days this week. I made hotel reservations in one of my favorite cities but I don’t know as of the time I am writing this whether or not I’ll be making that trip because the friend I plan to visit might have a scheduling conflict. But even if I don’t go there, I will take the days off and go somewhere. I need the break!

Another thing I’ve been trying to make happen in my life for a couple of years now might finally be happening. I still can’t really go into detail here, but yesterday was a turning point of sorts. A good one. Wish me luck. Although determination is what will really make it happen. I can picture it and feel it in a way that far exceeds previous similar feelings.

My recent health situation has improved. Doctors still don’t know what caused it and there is one more test to go, but at least I feel ‘normal’ again. Almost.

Did you see the ‘supermoon’ last night? It was cloudy at moonrise, so I missed that awesome photo op. I did see the full moon later, but my pictures didn’t turn out good at all.

OK, off to the gym for a cautious workout, then home to finish mowing, then a little wine. Cheers.