Road Trip 3

This is the perfect long weekend relaxing road trip. Asheville is an awesome place, made even more fun by having a good friend here. She is a great tour guide and drinking buddy. And friend. This is my 7th visit here and I am starting to know my way around. I have stopped at some of the same bars, restaurants, coffee haunts and retail shops each time as well as some new ones on each visit. It’s a great balance between the familiar and the experimental. I had some tasty dark roast coffee this morning at a place called World Coffee. The scents ran the gamut from almond latte to incense and the customers included locals, tourists, modern-day hippies and artsy people. It’s 1969 meets 2012 … my kind of place. I spent some time with a media counterpart at some local radio stations and right after I post this I’ll be doing a little work. I don’t like to work on vacation but I have to this time. At least I’m in a quiet hotel room with little chance of anything being added to my ‘to do’ list. Tonight: more wine and food. Tomorrow: more wine and food and coffee and picture-taking and a little shopping.