Road Trip Finale and Moms

Well, I'm back in my home zip code. A four-day getaway is too short but this one was needed and the results are good. Some random thoughts:

This was my 7th visit to Asheville NC. It's an awesome town and I have a great friend there which adds to the fun of my visits.

Had more great food, drinks and laughter yesterday.

While walking back to the car I heard my name being called. Turned around and there was a co-worker. He grew up in Asheville and I knew he was in town visiting family this weekend but running into him on that sidewalk at that moment was so random.

Left town at 7:15 this morning ... cool, partly cloudy, NO traffic. Nice.

I-81 in Virginia is as bad as I-95. Hate them both.

Today is Mother's Day. My Mom loved to travel and that might be where I developed my love for it. She died several years ago, partly related to being on the road. The circumstances are cloudy and sad, but there is a small comfort in knowing she was travelling.

Back to work tomorrow in a much better mood than when I left Wednesday.