Just Thinking About Stuff

Do you wonder sometimes how humans survive on Earth? That thought hit me tonight as I drove through torrential downpours while listening to tornado warning alerts on the radio. We are pretty much defenseless in the face of some unpredictable and uncontrollable weather events and other acts of nature. Yet we survive. Usually

I’ve been reading a book this week about Cherokees. We are a great country, now, but any study of our history in the 19th century will reveal that ‘we’ screwed the original population of this great expanse of land. The book is not a total bitter recitation of atrocities but it certainly does point out a few. Just sayin’.

A year ago at a party a girl asked me what are some things women do that annoy me. That’s an odd but interesting question to ask a man ya just met, isn’t it? We weren’t flirting with each other. We were just in a conversation with a third girl about the third girl’s relationship with her then current boyfriend. I did have an answer to the question, by the way. I’ll tell you later. I saw this girl at a party again recently, at the home of the third girl and her latest boyfriend. I thought about reminding both of them about the earlier chat but decided not to.

Did you see the story this week about the Romney campaign iPhone app? What’s wrong with this picture? Look closely. Geez. I bet that six-year-old in the National Spelling Bee this week would have caught this.

At some point in my lifetime I think I will be asked “What was it like when you had to use paper?” I laughed when I thought about that at work today. One of my jobs is making radio commercials. Years ago, that meant reading a script from paper, following instructions printed on paper, recording onto tape, editing the tape using a china marker to mark edit points, cutting the tape at those points with a razor blade and reconnecting the recording tape with special splicing tape, then recording the finished product in real time onto another form of tape to eventually be played back by the DJ as instructed on yet another paper form. Today I read a script from a computer monitor, record it into audio software on the same computer, digitally “splice” and edit using keyboard and mouse, following instructions that are on another window on the monitor and click and drag the finished product onto another computer which will play it back at the appropriate time, as scheduled by yet another computer, by the DJ who receives instructions on another computer monitor. No paper is used in the making or playing of that commercial.

How do you know when it is time to put down a dog? My oldest dog is not necessarily in pain but his quality of life must certainly suck. He can hardly walk, he can snarl at the other dogs but can’t chase them, he sleeps even more than most dogs now and seems almost frantic with he can’t see the other human who lives in this house (he doesn’t really care if he sees me or not). Elderly humans seem destined to have my dog’s life in their later years. That scares me at some level.

OK, that’s enough thinking for one night. Cheers!