Political Observations

Political season is here. It’s a time we can celebrate the freedom we have to elect our government. It is also a time to endure the obnoxious political ads.

I heard this statistic the other day: 46% of voters have already decided to vote for President Obama, no matter what is said during the campaign, and 46% have already decided to vote for Mitt Romney, regardless of any messages in any ads. The entire campaign will be about the remaining 8% of undecided voters.

Both campaigns are likely to spend a record amount of money on advertising, trying to convince that 8% to vote their way. I’m pretty sure George Washington didn’t spend any money on his campaign.

Bonnie Raitt’s comment during a recent concert: “We’re having an election this year. Actually, an auction.”

Each candidate will blame the other for the economy and everything else that is wrong right now, even though the President, no matter who he or she is, can’t actually control those things.

Boomers like me might remember that there was a time when the candidates really were decided during the conventions. Why do they even bother to have conventions any more? We know who the two main candidates will be. There might be others on the ballot but come November, we know we will either re-elect Obama or elect Romney.

Months ago in this blog, I predicted that Romney would be the Republican candidate, back when there were a dozen or more people seeking that nomination. I also predicted that Obama will win by a very small margin. I got the first part right and I’m holding to the second part. We’ll see in November.