Random Musings

Do you ever “discover” songs on your iPod? I mean a song comes on that you didn’t know you had, one that sounds familiar or maybe the singer sounds familiar but you don’t remember downloading the song. Just wondering. Happened to me last night – a Bonnie Raitt song I didn’t know I had.

I love learning. On the agenda for the next year: Italian (I’ll try again), a musical instrument (guitar or piano are the lead candidates) and dancing (specifically ballroom dancing and/or salsa).

Yesterday I watched an interesting ‘reality’ show called The Pitch, which more or less plays off Mad Men with a modern-day look at contemporary advertising agencies. The ‘plot’ centers around two ad agencies pitching a client for their business. Aside from some fake drama, it is close to real. I’ve been on sales pitches with radio sales people and I have seen the blank stares of clients after you just showed them your best stuff, stuff that you thought would impress them. Ouch.

The letters in Clint Eastwood’s name also spell out ‘old west action’. That’s a very creepy anagram, isn’t it?

I’m writing this while taking a break from something I really don’t want to be spending time on, although it is very necessary. Writing is more fun. Many writers say you should write what you love and write every day. I am attempting that and in some ways succeeding. I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon but writing for a living was a dream of mine at one time; maybe I should go back to sleep.