Happy Friday the 13th!

Do you have triskaidekaphobia? That's a the fear of the number thirteen. If so, you might not want to read the rest of this post, at least not tomorrow.

I'm not especially superstitious, so one year I challenged all this 13 phobia. I was the afternoon DJ at a Baltimore radio station at the time and I tried a little experiment on the way to work. At 1:13 I filled my car fuel tank with 13 gallons of gas. As I pumped the gas I notice that the numbers on my license plate added up to 13 - I'm not kidding about any of this. At 3:13 that day I told this story on the air. Nothing bad happened.


My hometown is New Orleans, LA. Spelled that way, it's 13 characters long, including the comma (but not the spaces).

The big city I currently live near has 13 letters when spelled in similar fashion: Washington, DC.

The nearest small town too: Middletown, MD.

Even more?

I just discovered the next part as I was writing this post:

One of my best friends in Louisiana has 13 letters in her first and pre-married last names combined.

One of my best friends in North Carolina has 13 letters in her first and last names combined.

One more: look how many letters there are in the word superstitious.


Linda V. said…
Me, too! My first and married last name equals 13. And one of the best days I had was the day I got fired from a very stressful job, Friday the 13th, October, 2006. 13 is a great number!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!
Bernie said…
OMG I can't believe I got that wrong. I did count the letters in your pre-married name. Did not count your married name because it seemed too short. I should have counted. :)