Assorted Observations About Commercials

Best line I heard in a commercial this week: “a greasy bag of deep fried easy.” Great line but I don’t remember the product. Not good.

The old Charmin commercials with Mr. Whipple saying “don’t squeeze the Charmin” were odd but funny. The animated commercials with bears using Charmin are just stupid. Although they do answer the question “does a bear shoot (tv commercials) in the woods?”

Why do car dealer commercials use screaming announcers? Does that make you want to buy from them? And scripts list a bunch of boring prices that you know are only for one car on the lot. Does that work? Many dealers talk about being number 1 in sales; does that really provide an incentive for you to shop there? Or they use generic lines like “lowest prices”… nearly any dealer has the lowest price if you do your research and you’re a good negotiator.

The best ads for any product play to some emotion or need. Some are tense  …

Some are funny …

Neither of those scream at you and neither use generic verbiage or list any prices. Both are unique and memorable.

And that concludes today’s lesson on advertising.