Both Right Both Wrong

Yesterday I watched an interview with Romney in which he said the President should apologize for things he said about Romney outsourcing jobs. So the ad below quotes sources for claims that Obama is making about Romney. Does that mean Romney wants all of those entities to apologize too? Apologize for telling the truth?

The Romney campaign make all kinds of claims too, many of which are contradicted by facts, including charges that Obama spent more than previous Presidents. The article says that according to Marketwatch, “our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.” Yes, the budget went up 17.9% during Obama’s first year in office. Why? Because the first year of any incoming President works off the budget set by the previous administration and passed by Congress. That budget was already in effect during Obama’s first months in office. Obama’s four budgets: down 1.8%, up 4.3%, up 0.7% and down 1.3%. Click here to read the article.

Both campaigns are running ads in battleground states, including Virginia, which is adjacent to DC, which means my TV is full of those ads.

When are both sides going to stop this crap and tell us what they plan to do to fix what’s wrong? I have made my decision already and no television ad will change my mind. I might re-think things after seeing some debates, but if this election season debates are anything like they were in 2008, I’ll probably stick with NCIS marathons on TV.

At various times both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Meanwhile we have to suffer through this crap. I would not live anywhere else, but sometimes it is a pain in the ass to live here.