Celebrating A Life

A few weeks ago I wrote about a work friend’s emotional struggles dealing with his Mother’s deteriorating health and how we often aren’t prepared for the death of a loved one. His Mother died a few days ago and of course he is devastated, even though he knew the end was coming in days rather than months or years.

This friend has a great sense of humor and it was tough watching him go through this situation. He is also very private and I am grateful to be among the few who knew what was going on.

One of the things that is cool about all of this is to see who is ‘there for you’ in times like these. Word did get out over the past few days, flowers were sent from various parts of the company and emails shared the news in various waves. Some people knew, some were shocked, all were supportive.

The service tonight was only open to family and close friends of his Mother. Earlier I texted him to say I was thinking of him and hoped he got through the night OK. A few minutes ago I got a return text thanking me. He said there were tears, of course, but also much laughter as people shared stories about his Mother’s life. He said he was happy to hear great stuff about his Mom.

That is the kind of service I want when it’s my time to go … music, fun, laughter. You can cry but please laugh too.

His last text back to me was about the service and sums up this story nicely: “It was great. A little disorganized, funny and touching. Just like her.”