Random ANSWERS About Random Stuff

Questions usually demand answers and that process is a pretty good way to think through some things. I (and others) do actually think about some of the random things I mentioned in my previous post, so I decided to answer the questions. And I don’t really have anything else to talk about today. There are a few blog post ideas in my head and my computer, but they can wait a few days.

Road rage is a horrible thing; and it is difficult to not get wrapped up in it regardless how much I try not to. Driving as ridiculously as the complete moronic jerks I encounter on a daily basis in the DC area is not a good thing, but it happens sometimes anyway.

I need new lunch places.

I like living in climates with a variety of hot and cold and all the interesting things that come with that.

If I ever find an answer to my relationship questions, I’ll let you know. I have never and will never understand why something so simple is so complicated.

Had a convertible for a month once; it was a contest prize and my job involved taking it places during the contest. Rented one in Hawaii too. Fun.

Yep, Mick really turned 69 yesterday. If he can be that ‘healthy’ at that age with his lifestyle, I should be able to make it to 150.

I love and hate my name. Love the unique part, hate that is sounds dated. I like the names Jason and Kevin but would never change my name. The older I get the more comfortable I get with my unique side.

“Afraid” would not really describe my attitude to my own aging, but I am definitely fighting it. I reject stereotypes connected to a number. Eighty seems like a good age to be considered ‘old’ but I’m certain that when I get there I’ll change my mind.

I do not practice the religion I grew up with. I don’t completely reject my earlier beliefs, I just have expanded and redefined many of them.

English is my only language, unless you consider ‘sarcasm’ and ‘radio’ to be languages. I wish I had learned others. I studied French briefly as a kid (my Mother’s first language) and Spanish in high school and part of college. Started Italian lessons a few years ago and plan to start that endeavor again this year.

Obviously I do think about stuff like this. Some friends do too. Most people I know are curious to some degree but I’ve been told I am curious to a large degree. I have always wanted to know how things work and as I age I am more interested in how people work. I want to know how they feel about things, what they think about, what leads them to do or not do certain things. Sometimes I am curious about their inner most thoughts, sometimes in a very inappropriate way. Some friends, and occasionally people I barely know, trust me with their thoughts and feelings and I hope I have earned that trust.