Random Questions About Random Stuff

Do you ever engage in road rage?

Do you go to the same two or three places for lunch every day, not because you really like them but because they are convenient?

Do you whine about hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter? Ever consider moving to San Diego?

Do you wonder how relationships can start so well then end in arguments and hurt feelings?

Have you ever owned a convertible? Wanted to? Driven one with the top down?

What's odd about this sentence: Mick Jagger is 69 years old today.

Do you like your name? Have you ever considered changing it from the one your parents gave you to one you like better?

Are you afraid of getting old? What number do you use to define old?

Do you practice the same religion you grew up with?

How many languages do you speak? If one, do you wish you spoke more?

Do you ever think about stuff like this?


elizinashe said…
sometimes, yes, (duh), yes, dont' know, no, yes, yes, really?, yes, no, no, dont know, not really, one basically, yes for sure! all the damn time.