Assorted Unconnected Observations

I regularly listen to an XM channel called the Spectrum. It is like some FM stations called the River. Tonight every song sounded like Coldplay. One of the songs actually was by Coldplay.

I feel better than I did when I wrote the depression post a few days ago. Just taking things one step at a time.  I'm a snail.

One of my favorite TV shows is Criminal Minds. It is well done but also hard to watch. Creepy.

Music is my favorite drug. For more than two and a half decades it has been my only drug, other than aspirin and caffeine. Music soothes, arouses, calms, excites and relieves pain. No prescription required.

Politically conservative boomers must be very frustrated right now when they see that their VP candidate is a Gen-Xer who wants to dismantle some government programs that even conservatives are counting on. The programs aren’t the problem, the bureaucracy that has been running them for decades is the problem. Both political parties share the blame but neither wants to work with the other to fix the problems.

I can’t believe it’s August already. During the past thirteen months I have dealt with skin cancer, cataract surgery, a mysterious neurological issue that is mostly fixed now but still not completely understood, personal issues at home, blah blah blah. Is it any wonder I’m a little ‘troubled’ right now? I’ll get through this because I always do but I haven’t had this much stress since the month I moved from Texas to Maryland twenty-eight years ago. I’m out of practice.

On the brighter side, I have awesome friends and an exciting job. During the same thirteen months I just whined about, I’ve had paid-for business travel to Vegas, L.A. and New York City and personal travel to North Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana. I have made decisions and taken active steps that will move my life in some new directions and as slow as that progress had been it is still progress.

Enough about me; what’s your story? Thanks for visiting. Cheers.