Nerds Rock ... Sometimes

I'm a nerd about my work. I high-five myself when I produce a great promo commercial. Really. If you hear something on a country music radio station about a festival in Vegas, I probably wrote and produced that promo. That's not my voice on most of them (although I am on some).

The word 'nerd' is used in many ways in assorted contexts but I wasn't sure what it really meant, so I looked it up ... 1) a stupid, irritating, or unattractive person or 2) an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

So I will reject the first definition and modify the second. I am definitely obsessed with my work and I work best when alone in a room (mildly antisocial when working), staring at my editing software display on my computer monitor, trying different combinations of sounds until I get it the way I want it and … voila! Perfect!! And I high-five myself.  This picture is what I was looking at when I high-fived myself on Tuesday.

The funny thing is that others who do what I do for a living understand my reaction when an audio project sounds like I want it to sound. We are all nerds, I guess.

And you? Are you nerdy about anything? Nerd can be a good, endearing description. Nerds rock … sometimes.