Watch the Republican convention tonight? Or floss? Choices choices.

Stevie Ray Vaughn died 22 years ago yesterday. He was an awesome blues man and had finally killed some drug and alcohol demons in his life and had recorded what some say was his best album ever. Then he dies in a helicopter crash. Sucks. I saw him at a bar in Dallas in the early 1980s and as B.B. King’s opening act on a riverboat cruise during the New Orleans Jazzfest in the late 80s. Awesome.

Hurricane Isaac made landfall tonight at the mouth of the Mississippi and as I write this it is dumping rain on New Orleans. So far my friends and family are safe there but the worst of the rain dump is yet to come. Could be 20 inches of rain in the next two days. Those incredible new post-Katrina levees and pumping stations will be put to the test. My prediction: most will pass but some will fail.

At this very moment I would rather be anywhere other than the room I currently am sitting in.

I got to do nearly every different part of my job during the workday today. I wrote two promos for a music festival, wrote and began to produce an hour-long radio special, mentored a new talk show host during her first interview, voiced and produced five commercials, solved a problem and shared some funny emails with my boss. It’s hard to believe that sometimes my job is very stressful. Today it wasn’t.

Back to Stevie Ray for a minute. It’s hard to pick a favorite song by him because I like nearly all of them. But this one is especially good. Enjoy.