Odd Dreams

Dreams, the kind you have when you sleep, are amusing to me. I don’t believe they mean much but I know sometimes they connect things that are already in your brain. In my case, they connect very odd things in very odd ways.

The one I remember from the other night was really strange, however, and included nobody I know. First, some background … I interview community leaders and representatives from non-profit organizations for a radio show. Usually I ask questions and they answer them. Sometimes rather than simply ask a question, I will start a sentence to lead the guest to finish it. A second piece of background … our studios have a light outside the door that reads “On Air”; that means the microphone is on and a recording or live show is in progress so if you see that light, do not enter the room.

This dream featured me interviewing a guest. He was not anybody I know but he looked a little like an actor named Richard Schiff (pictured here) and he never smiled. One thing I remember from the dream is that I started a sentence to get him to finish it and he gave me a blank stare. So I just asked the questions. That happened a few times in the dream. By the way, most guests understand what I’m doing when I just start a sentence, but he just looked at me waiting for a specific question.

The other thing I remember is that two interns just walked into the studio while I was recording, ignoring the On Air light, and they were having a conversation, which then interrupted the interview. Both interns appeared too old to be college students. Both were male. One was several inches taller than me, with very long blond hair. He looked rather intimidating but I walked right up to him and pointed out that he had just walked into the studio during a recording. He and the other guy looked at me, then at the guest, then they walked out.

That’s the whole dream. None of the players looked like anyone I know and nothing like that has ever happened to me. How does my brain do that? And why?

Another odd thing about my dreams is that if I am an observer in the dream, I am in fairly shallow sleep. If I am a character in the dream and am moving around with the other characters, then I am in deep sleep. This one was deep sleep.

I rarely see people I actually know in my dreams and when I do, it seems they do not behave as the people they appear to be. My dreams also tend to have move conversation than action. Actually my life is a lot like that. Hmmm.

Anyway, I had nothing else to write about tonight, so there you have it. What are your dreams like?