Some random notes about the VP debate this week:

Looking at Facebook posts by friend of various political beliefs, it is hard for me to believe we were watching the same debate. So many diverse opinions about who 'won'.

I'm close to deleting some of my Facebook friends because of the incredibly derogatory remarks about the various candidates.

Maybe the reason Congress is so deadlocked along partisan lines is that we all are. That is sad.

Considering my own Democratic views on most issues, I am surprised by how many Republican friends I have.

Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan are all very intelligent people. I disagree with Romney and Ryan on many issues but I give them credit for their well-thought-out beliefs. That is more than I can say for one previous President (Bush 2), one previous VP (Quale) and one previous VP candidate (Palin).

People who are comfortable in the spotlight sometimes show subtle signs of mild nervousness during moments when the stakes are high. Biden's 'tell' seemed to be that overused laugh and Ryan's 'tell' seemed to be the constant reaching for a cup of water.

I wish the election was today. I am so disgusted with the ads on all sides.

The consensus among less biased reporters was that Biden more or less won, especially because he put Ryan on the defensive, but Ryan held his own.

I think moderator Martha Raddack was the real winner and she had a better command of the issues at times than either candidate.

Ok, that's enough about this for the week. Just make sure you vote on Election Day!!