Didn’t See This One Coming

Wow, a hurricane at the end of October. That rarely happens and most drift out to sea. But Hurricane Sandy has her sights on the Mid-Atlantic states, with her center predicted to hit Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

Earlier today the forecast map had a line right through Washington DC but the latest line crosses further north, closer to New York City. Sandy is ‘only’ a category 1 or 2 storm right now, with sustained winds around 75 miles per hour, but it’s a big storm dumping plenty of rain and it is likely going to merge with another weather system in a couple of days. The potential for flooding is high and power outages are likely.

Storms like this are dangerous and exciting at the same time. My media job includes helping to get useful storm preparation information out to the public, which adds purpose to the excitement and danger. I was in two different meetings today in which various staffers outlined storm plans and I am in awe of some of my co-workers for the great lengths they go to in order to keep our radio stations on the air and functioning.

All is calm tonight as I write this. I’ll check back with you Monday night when we might be in the middle of the action.