I am a creature of habit. Many of us are. Habits and patterns can be helpful paths guiding us in life or destructive behaviors blocking our journey.

The habit I am thinking about right now is neither, but it is formerly a rock solid milepost in a typical Bernie week. It's my Sunday Routine. In years past I began nearly every Sunday with coffee and a daily newspaper. The habit began in my 20s with coffee and chickory and the New Orleans Times Picayune. My Sunday Routine moved across the country with me ... Milwaukee Journal, Chicago Sun Times, Dallas Times Herald, Baltimore Sun and Washington Post. The coffee part varied but eventually became mostly Starbucks.

My life got busy and complicated in recent years and my Sunday Routine evaporated (except for the coffee). I cancelled newspaper subscriptions in favor of reading online, but that is a pain in the eyes so I eventually stopped reading. I get basic news from TV and radio and deeper details via occasionally checking web sites.

All of this crossed my mind as I walked past a stack of newspapers at the grocery this morning. I bought my coffee at the Starbucks counter in Safeway and tossed a Washington Post in the shopping cart. My Sunday Routine is back, for today at least.