Randomania 2

Well, it’s fall. Leaves are turning but it is not at the pretty stage around my part of Maryland yet. Hey, Mother Nature, my camera and I are waiting.

I bought Diana Krall’s latest CD today. She is hard to define, isn’t she? She’s young but plays old music or music inspired by old music. Her style is old-school jazz, unlike the music of her husband Elvis Costello.

I accepted an invitation to a Halloween party next week. I haven’t been to a Halloween party since the mid 1990s, when I was the DJ at a Halloween party at a nudist club. I’m serious. Now THOSE are some creepy costumes … the woman dressed as Lady Godiva was memorable … actually she was wearing only her long hair and gold body paint … but I digress. Not sure what I’m wearing to this one, however. I only know the host and her husband, I might be going alone and I don’t really have a costume. Suggestions?

You know those signs on the Interstate that read “Slow Traffic Keep Right”? Shouldn’t they really say “Get The Fuck Outta The Left Lane”? Just sayin’.

What are your plans for this weekend? Mine include errands, breakfast at a nearby café, shoe shopping at an outlet mall, packing CDs and books in advance of an upcoming move … basic stuff, ey?

Wow, I got through a whole post without doing anything political.