Remember Blogs?

I was going through a few old links to blogs tonight and realize many of them, including some I’ve listed on this blog, no longer exist. A few years ago there were many blogs out there but it seems that social media sites have begun to fill that need and blogging is less popular. Or maybe it’s just less trendy. People write creatively in short bursts to their ‘friends’ on Facebook or Twitter instead and of course we all read along.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me and I still enjoy doing it. I do not write for an audience; these posts are mostly random thoughts and topics that interest me and this hobby feeds a childhood fantasy I had of being a newspaper columnist. Yes, I realize that is a bit odd but I’m OK with that.

This blog has software and counters that tell me how many visitors I get and what countries they are in. Hope that doesn’t feel too creepy to you. I get between one and ten visitors a day, on average. Most are from the United States but some are from places like India, Australia, Romania, Canada and the Russian Federation. Some visitors appear to be regulars and some stumble on this blog while searching for something else. Regardless of the reason, thank you to all who visit. I appreciate it.

‘Memes' were a blog feature I used to like. If I understood the term correctly, a blogger would list some things in a specific category then ask readers to post their own version of that list on their blog. So here is one for tonight. Do this on yours and let me know where it is in Comments.

Ten contradictions about me:

1) My favorite color is red but I rarely wear red.

2) I love being around people but I hate crowds.

3) Music is always playing in my car but rarely in my house.

4) I love dogs but I’ve only had dogs with wives or girlfriends; never had one on my own.

5) I own a saxophone and a bass guitar but I haven’t played a note on either in fifteen years.

6) I own enough hand tools and power tools to start a small hardware store but in the past two or three years the only tools I’ve used are a chain saw and some screw drivers.

7) I work for five radio stations but I cannot pick up any of them inside my house (because I live in a valley 45 miles from work).

8) I used to do my own basic car maintenance and even did a clutch adjustment in a parking lot once and changed a fan belt on the side of a busy highway during rush hour while wearing a suit … but I don’t know if I could even change a tire on my current ride without reading the owner’s manual first.

9) I love being around oceans, rivers, lakes and streams but I can’t swim.

10) I’ve been the driver in four car crashes in my life; in the two that were my fault my speed was less than ten miles per hour.

OK, that’s enough ego randomness for tonight. See you next time.