Should Have Done It Sooner

I finally started blocking Facebook friends who post extreme political views. They have the right to say whatever they want to and I have the right to ignore them.

The first one was easy … a DJ I used to work with who I don’t really care all that much about anyway. The next one was more difficult … husband of a good friend. I only wish I had sent him a picture of my Obama yard sign before deleting him. Third one was tough … an old friend from twenty five years ago who I only reconnected with in recent years. The next few will be more challenging because their views are closer to mine, but they’re getting blocked too.

I respect people whose political views are radically different from mine IF those views are well-thought-out. But I have seen more stupid, mean-spirited commentary this election cycle than at any time since the late 1960s and early 70s when race and war were the issues. Some of the comments attempt to make Obama supporters seem unpatriotic. Others are racist while others ridicule certain religious faiths. All are hypocritical.

Neither Obama nor Romney has all the answers; if either did, they wouldn’t be tied in the polls right now. Both have some answers and both would serve our country better if they at least listened to the other’s ideas. Both care about America. Both are patriotic. Both are rich and well-educated with means neither truly understands what middle-class citizens are experiencing right now (although Obama at least has lived that life at some point). Obama seems weak at times but when you add up his actions so far, he is strong – just quiet about it. Romney seems strong but his commentary and actions over a decade or more makes him seem to be an opportunistic flip-flopper.

On the whole, the choice is clearly NOT clear because 47% favor Romney and 47% favor Obama. But each voter’s personal choice IS pretty clear and nothing on Facebook is going to change their minds about who they will vote for. No Facebook post I’ve read has changed my mind about who I am voting for … but MANY have changed how I feel about the persons making the post. That is truly sad.