A Little Random Ranting

The election was a week ago and many Facebook friends are still whining or gloating. Geez, just stop!

If you voted for Romney … hey, your guy lost and Obama is President for four more years. Deal with it! If you voted for Obama … hey, your guy won but he does NOT walk on water and does not have all the answers. Deal with it! Both of them have leadership qualities that could make for a good President. Both have leadership flaws that challenge their ability to be a good President. Remember, however, they are not dictators and the fate of the country does not rest on one person.

Another thing: the President is not the problem. Congress is the problem. And many of the same players are still Representatives and Senators. The only way we’re going to get through the mess we’re in is if both sides start listening to each other and paying attention to each other. There are good ideas and bad ideas on each side; listen to all the ideas, discuss and debate the merits of each idea, then compromise … do some give and take and craft a balanced solution. That’s how democracy works! Deal with it!

And I am about to block four more Facebook friends, including one whose friend request I just accepted two days ago.  I am done with this extremist crap.